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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 22, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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washington want action from president obama. >> he puts these people in office, evidently he doesn't know what's going on or knows what's going on and turns a blind eye. >> both committees and president and everybody in congress, can't throw shinseki under the bus alone. there have been gao reports and hearing after hearing, if you're not outraged already, you haven't been paying attention. >> the benghazi dozen, five democrats agreeing to join seven republican inquisitors after failing to block the new benghazi probe. is it a witch hunt or truth squad? we'll ask elijah cummings. >> i believe we need someone in the room to simply defend the truth, defend the truth. that is why i've agreed to serve. >> out of control, the raging wildfire in arizona has the elite hot shot crew back on the front lines. less than a year after a nearby blaze killed 19 of their
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firefighters. we'll get the latest from nbc's miguel almaguer to gain ground against the flames. >> reporter: 500 firefighters are on the ground and there's a strike team attacking this blaze moving quickly through forest land. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington, a day after president obama ahead his first public comments in weeks about the veterans health care scandal, his deputy chief of staff is visiting the phoenix hospital. 25 additional veterans hospitals are also being investigated nationwide. back in washington this hour, veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki will meet later this afternoon with senator dick
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durbin on capitol hill. after this morning's vote to subpoena three top va officials to testify friday. if they don't appear voluntarily sooner. >> my patience is wearing very thin. i don't want to break and make this a partisan issue because it's not. it is not a partisan issue. >> we're losing the trust of our veterans, me being one of them, of the years and decades we built this trust in the system and we're about to blow it up right here. >> i have been on this committee for 22 years. and it has been a problem for 22 years. it didn't matter who was in charge. it has been a problem. >> nbc's luke russert and kristen welker both join me now. luke on the hill and kristen at the white house. luke, there was a lot of anger on the committee today and it
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was bipartisan? >> reporter: not only was it bipartisan, andrea, for covering capitol hill sometimes you see things and it usually -- there was genuine outrage there. i just came from house speaker john boehner's press conference, speaker of the house -- >> luke, we've got a problem with your mike. i'm going to cut to kristen while we try to fix the capitol hill connection. kristen at the white house. do they realize just how unsuccessful the president was at stemming the anger yesterday? >> hello, hello? >> while luke -- >> reporter: the chief criticisms is that the president had a lot of strong words yesterday but hasn't taken any action yet as you pointed out at the top of the show. he has dispatched his deputy chief of staff rob neighbors to go to the phoenix va to assess the problem to get to the bottom of the problem and issue a series of recommendations by the end of the month. andrea, i can tell you that rob
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has been directed to identify any immediate actions that can be taken. and if he finds some, he's going to get back to the president earlier than that one-month deadline. you could see some action taken before then. again, this speaks to the level of pressure that they are getting, not only from republicans but from democrats now. we saw that yesterday, particularly some red state democrats coming forward saying that they want to see more than just talk from this white house. andrea? >> luke, apologies to you and the viewers about the audio interruption. tell me about the session and the mood on the hill about this aren . >> reporter: there is genuine outrage. not fake for the cameras. i came from a press conference with house speaker john boehner where the speaker who's a known cryer, started to well up and shed tears of legit anger. we haven't let them down, we let them die. so that's sort of the mood here on the hill.
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it really is a bipartisan mood. the speaker today did not call on shinseki to resign. he said if he were to resign, some new would come in and brown said there have been ongoing problems that have been systemic. that's an interesting thing to look at, what they will do specifically calling those three va officials and subpoenaing them to testify. will they come in a timely manner? but boehner, the leader of the republicans here, stopped short of calling for resignation and not to overly criticize the president. some of the colleagues have tried to make this a political issue. he didn't want to do that. as far as where this goes from here, this really will be a large scale issue not only because it deals with our nation's veterans and touches the heart strings of so many but from a legislative stand point, they don't have much to do. this is a thing that's bipartisan and they want to get to the bottom of it. >> luke and kristen, thank you
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both so much. for more on the va scandal and of course benghazi, i'm joined now by congressman elijah cummings. first to the va, i want tosehin house came out, president came out and made people angrier about the lack of action. >> this is a very urgent matter. and i think by sending mr. neighbors over there, the president did the right thing. we know him from congress used to work with us, a can do, straighten it out type person. but this is got to have -- what the presidency calls the urgency of now. when we're dealing with veterans, they've given their blood and life and tears and some of these horror stories we've heard about, i can tell you up on hill it is truly bipartisan, the concern. and certainly the concern is bipartisan with regard to our
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constituents. i think that if it cannot be resolved quickly, the president has to make some tough decisions. >> let me ask you about nabors, he's highly regarded and arriving right now in the va hospital in phoenix. is he the right person to take this on because of a possible conflict of interest. this is shinseki last week testifying about his connection to rob nabors, let's watch. >> a proven performer who brings management experience to this task and i welcome his assistance. i've known the nabors family for a long time, rob's dad and i served together for many years. i know his mom and dad well. i welcome the assistance of rob nabors. >> i also know him well.
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>> these are pictures of rob nabors arriving just moments ago in phoenix. the fact that the shinseki and nabors families have been friendly for generations and he watched them grow up and his dad served honorably together in vietnam -- it would be hard for him to be tough? >> no, i know him well. he'll be tough when he has to be tough. he knows that this is very serious, not just about shinseki. it's about our veterans and he's a tough nosed kind of guy. he will get it done, regardless of relationships because his duty is not to shinseki to veterans and our country. he'll make the decisions that have to be made and straighten the matter out and again, get back to the president so that this matter will be addressed effectively and efficiently. >> and we of course want to ask
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you about benghazi, why the decision by your caucus and divided caucus it was, you -- your microphone cut off by daryl issa, on which you serve, the oversight committee and adam schisch i sc schi ff were against engaging in a witch hunt. why even play the game? >> we do believe that it's froblly a witch hunt. but the fact is we have to be in the room, andrea. two major things, we have seen the abuse that mr. issa, the way he performed not allowing us to have records, surprising us with witnesses and things of that nature. but we needed to be in the room because somebody has to be the defender of the truth. and somebody has to challenge
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the untruths in a very effective way. and so although it may -- we may not like the idea that it's going on, we have to be in the room. i think the american people want us to have a transparent, fair, evaluation of the situation. and that's what we intend to do, to hold the republicans to a standard. i still trying to figure out what the purpose of it is, this special committee, because we have had now an arb report. we've had two bipartisan senate reports, we've had the four reports coming out of the house. and even the armed services ranking member said basically enough is enough. so -- i'm going to be meeting with mr. gowdy and this is news for you, hot off the press,
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we're going to be going over what the aim of the committee is and what questions we're trying to answer. >> one question that comes to mind, there was a political report today that hillary clinton's people who are obviously involved and concerned where this is going, wanted the democrats to play a role, wanted you in the room. did you communicate with hillary clinton representatives? or anyone from that team? >> no, let me be clear. i believe that secretary clinton can fend for herself. and but the thing i'm also concerned about is when the republicans under issa would bring witnesses and present them before us, that we never had any access too and if they are allowed, andrea, to say thing and it not be challenged, that's there's not a search for the trunl, whole truth and nothing but the truth, there's a problem. it's better to be in the room. >> alan west, former member of congress and now a fox
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contributor has questioned the loyalty of tammy duckworth, one of the members for this committee, said that he wonders where her loyalties lie. i wanted to get your response, tammy duckworth, double amputee for having served in iraq. >> it doesn't even deserve a response. he should be ashamed of himself and i'll make that very clear and if i see him, i'll tell him that. i look at tammy and know of all of the things she's been through. and sometimes andrea she comes in that hearing room in a wheelchair and struggling just to get to her seat. and somebody to have the audacity to say something like that, upsets me to the enth degree. >> elijah cummings, i know you will follow up. >> oh, i will. >> thanks, congressman. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. >> busy day on capitol hill. right now out west, crews are fighting that wildfire in arizona across near 5,000 acres
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of land. among the hundreds of men and women working to could be taken a massive fire, five shot shot teams a year after a hot shot team died, are preparing residents to evacuate. >> you should have your stuff ready to go, have embers cross that and re-establish and pull a revak situation, pre-reevacuation is what it says, be ready. >> what is the pro inspect for getting better control? >> reporter: certainly good news this afternoon. we had those erratic winds yesterdays which really fanned this fire. it was whipping the blaze in multiple directions. today the winds died down quite a bit. there's concern around the 1:00 hour local time that the winds will kickback up and push this
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fire. there's concern it could kick it back towards home. 300 homes are an immediate threat of this fire and additional 3,000 homeowners have been warned they may have to evacuate at any moment. the fire here has been touch and go. crews with the better weather conditions today will focus on attacking this blaze from the air. as you mentioned, the hot shot crews will be critical today and drop the crews into areas where they can make it in by foot and try to build containment lines and make the fire snuff itself out. it's going to be a difficult day for all crews on the front lines. >> miguel, thank you. it is official, pennsylvania is now the 19th state plus the district of columbia to allow same-sex marriage. republican governor tom corbett nunsed he with not fight a federal judge's decision striking down the state's ban on gay marriage. it's the latest in a wave of court decisions that have struck down similar statutes since the supreme court ruled.
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hillary clinton's closest advicers know any presidential run would make the 2012 terror attacks in benghazi a daily republican talking point for critics. team clinton wants to be part of shaping the strategy ahead of a public 2016 decision. joining me now for our daily fix chris cillizza, managing editor of post and "washington post" columnist kathleen parker. welcome both.
9:19 am
'elijah cummings just told me the decision nancy pelosi divided caucus to participate in the benghazi hearings was not predicated in his -- from his standpoint on any conversations with team clinton. chris, your opinion? >> and nancy pelosi has said she didn't have any conversations with team clinton. in some way it's sort of beside the point. the thing i take from it, for all of this talk and you and i have talked about this a lot, is she going to run, not going to run? you don't do these sorts of things, outreaches, even if they are not to nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, leadership within the party, you don't do this kind of outreach to say, we should probably participate in this. unless you are protecting a brand, unless you are fighting back on an issue that you think will come up if that person runs again. i don't think hillary clinton private citizen, if she's made her point you she wants to run, would spend all that much time,
9:20 am
even if they spent some time doing this back channel work. >> don't you think there's sort of a clinton osmosis sis surrounding washington -- >> you sort of infer. >> yes, you do. >> and this would be necessary and rational, whether she says it outloud or not. she is the presumptive nominee and democrats are going to do what they can to ameal orriate -- >> are they better to be in the room than not in the room? >> it would make no sense not to be a part of it. >> it would get you a short-term burst with your political base and long-term potential pain, if that if they are able to subpoena witnesses like john kerry and hillary clinton and there's no democrats, we've seen how committee hearings contentious committee hearings play out anyway, but if you don't have that other perspective, it would not work for them in the long term. >> the truth is that the select committees that have been well regarded, iran-contra and 9/11 and others have been evenly divided in numbers, so that no
9:21 am
side can outvote the other. that does also indicate you have a chairman, a chairwoman and co-chair who work together. we've seen that in the past. it worked very well. >> well, tray gowdy is an aggressive prosecutorial personality. he's going to run the show, i think pretty much. and so i think democrats to the extent they are what, 7-5, it's an imbalance but i don't think it's going to be damaging to the democratic point of view. >> i didn't want to let you go without asking you about a column you wrote about the jill abramson issue and the whole question of women executives in the work place. not so much about the way women are with pay equity in particular because we don't know the specific facts but the way women are treated and women are interpreted. i wanted to read an expert from your column, we're left to infer
9:22 am
two lessons, women at the top should be sweet and nurturing and woman who faints and falls hitting her head as clinton did, can't be trusted to lead the nation. this would be because she is a woman and cut to the chase, she probably has something wrong with her brain. >> yeah, well, karl rove comment suggesting -- he did talk about brain injury, not brain damage as it later became interpreted. but what's the difference really, to get the idea out there there's possibly something wrong. i've had a concussion, they are serious and it does take a good bit of time to fully recover but it's not enduring. and i do believe with all of my heart that this was put out there with the purpose to -- and the whole image of hillary clinton first, the faint and then hitting her head, they are all of these -- this is all sort of loaded imagery when it comes to women. we think of the bodice being too tight and everything -- >> the victorian --
9:23 am
>> president bush throws up on another state leader and we don't make comments -- >> first president bush on the president of japan at the state dinner. >> somehow that did not become -- it wasn't a gender loaded issue. >> and son choked on a pretzel at the white house. >> it is true. we know this from the 2008 campaign that how hillary clinton was positioned was purposely don't talk about the history making nature of the candidacy as the first woman. be tough. don't show emotion. we know that that was a calculus made why? because she was the first prominent woman seen as running for this office. >> we all see that and understand that you want to be taken seriously for what you do and the content of your work, not because you're the first of this or first of that. so anyway, there's so much more we could say about this. >> to be continued. thank you so much. great to see you. kathleen parker and chris cillizza. coming up, the food fight over school lunch here. if i can impart one lesson to a
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now back to the story, kelly o'donnell joins me from phoenix. what can we expect rob nabors to do? >> reporter: it is a huge challenge and the heat is both real in terms of the temperature here in phoenix and political pressure. the deputy chief of staff arrived at the hospital behind me and we were on the grounds there. i shouted questions as he arrived. he did not respond to the questions but greeted by the man who's been brought in from another va hospital to be in charge temporarily. the meetings today will give rob nabors a chance to see what's happening in phoenix and later this afternoon, he'll have a meeting with a lot of people from veteran service organizations. it could be 60 to 80 people who will be present for a group
9:28 am
conversation. they'll also have members of the congressional delegation, their staffers here. it's an intensive day for nabors, you can ask what can be accomplished in one day? he's bringing the pressure of the white house to represent the president and try to get an update on what's been learned since the top officials were removed from their positions when the allegations of a secret patient waiting list first surfaced. it's an important day for rob nabors to see what's happening on the ground and talk to people directly. then we'll have to see what he takes from that back to the white house. >> thank you so much. kelly o'donnell in a hot phoeni health initiative is being challenged by groups that claim stricter food standards in schools are too expensive to maintain. up won't think the idea of healthy eating would get political but welcome to washington. sam katz joins me now from the white house.
9:29 am
great to see you. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> what is the challenge on the hill to the legislation that makes school lunches healthier? >> what we're seeing right now, republicans in congress trying to overrule pediatricians and nutritionists to roll back the standards that have been set to make sure the food in schools is healthy. we've seen this in 2012 and republicans did the same thing and classified pizza as a vegetable, which we know all parents know is just ridiculous. we need to make sure we're seeing science lead the way and make sure that all of the food in our schools is healthy. >> i remember back in the day when they were cuts in the foot stamp program and other programs when the budget director david stockman tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable, true story, reagan years. this isn't the first time this has happened. what's -- let's talk about the value of food and how many kids usually from low income families are dependent on these meals and
9:30 am
the meals lead to better education and lead to making them healthy enough to sit in class and learn. what is it that we're talking about here in the meals that the first lady and you have tried to make a reality? >> right now there's 32 million children that depend on nutrition in schools every day and for many it's the only good meal they get. we're making sure junk foods will come out of the vending machines this coming fall and making sure that the lunch is full of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. right now all of that is under threat. it's hard to imagine considering one in three kids in this country is on track to have diabetes and that we're spending $180 billion a year treating those related conditions and who knows where that's going to go once one in three in the country is diabetic. this is vital to the future of our country. when kids get a nutritious breakfast, their test scores increase by 17%. this is absolutely vital on every front to the health and
9:31 am
well being of our kids and our country. >> sam, are there lobbies, food lobbies whether it's sugar or fastfood or junk food lobbies involved in this pressure? >> absolutely. i think there are interests that have not liked these standards are definitely fighting against them. i think that's really what we're seeing play out right now. it's a great disappoint. we have to put our kids first. this is much bigger than politics. this is about the future of our country. it's just a shame. only lobbying and politics could call pizza a vegetable. >> well, thank you for what you're doing. the first lady's initiative, if i see that pizza, you're making me hungry but -- >> i'm not going to be eating this. >> i know it's not healthy, sam. >> we'll be -- first lady will be continuing the fight on this. this is just too important. we hope our friends on the hill do the right thing and let science really lead the way
9:32 am
here. >> thank you, sam katz, we had a couple technical glitches but we thank you for sticking with us from the white house lawn. >> thank you. >> and 80 u.s. troops are now poised in chad bordering nigeria ready to launch a rescue mission on any intel yens confirming the location of the school girls. nigerians are protesting the their government's inaction. bill neely is in nigeria. >> reporter: as the u.s. deepens its involvement in the hunt for the missing girls, it is a day of protest in nigeria. all schools across the country are closed as teachers march in protest at the failure to do more to find the girls. they are also marching in protest of the terror group boko haram which killed more than 170 teachers since its campaign began. boko haram targets schools
9:33 am
believing girls shouldn't be educated in the first place and boys are legitimate targets they can kill, teachers an obvious target as well. protesters believing the president hasn't done enough in the search for the girls. meanwhile, the u.s. commitment to finding them has deepens, a predator drone and 80 military personnel already on the ground in neighboring chad, they are at an air strip close to the border. the predator drone is unarmed and unmaned. more planes may follow but the pentagon is stressing this isn't the combat deployment. as one officer says we're not out to get boko haram, we're out to get the girls. this deployment means that in three countries more than 100 u.s. military personnel are now involved in the search. one footnote, andrea, the death toll from that horrific bombing on tuesday, the double bombing,
9:34 am
has now risen to more than 130 and may is now the deadliest month yet in boko haram's five-year campaign with more than 450 dead. and the government and military seemingly powerless to stop them. back to you, andrea. >> bill neely. the country's seconds amendment, the fight over guns is up next. stay with us. rl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪
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that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes,
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if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪ as our country continues to struggle with gun laws, what is the history of one of the most misunderstood of the u.s. constitution, the second amendment. it states a regulated militia and right of the people to keep and buyer arms shall not be fringed. a timely look at the evolution of this right and how it shaped
9:38 am
society. michael waltman at new york university school of law. let's talk about the second amendment and the nra and how has the second amendment been interpreted or misinterpreted in the intervening centuries? >> when you look at the history throughout the country's history, it's been argue the over, debated over, originally, it was written to protect the militias which were the forces of the 13 states of citizen soldiers. there was an individual right to have a gun to fulfill the duty to serve in the militia. and every adult man actually had to serve for their whole lifetime and they were required by law to own a gun and keep it at home. the militias vanished quickly in american history and over time you had lots of guns and you had lots of gun laws. only in the last 30 years or so as you say, the national rifle association waged a very effective campaign for constitutional change to
9:39 am
persuade first the public and then ultimately the courts that in fact a second amendment gives you an individual right to a gun. that is the way it is being talked about now and played out in the courts and on the streets. >> why is the teller case, the gun law case at the supreme court so critical in the way it is interpreted and reinterpreted? >> it's a realing interesting thing. the united states supreme court never ruled that the second amendment gives you an individual right to a gun until 2008. it was really recent. it was -- they actually ruled overwise several times before that. so that was the heller case as it's called. and now playing out in courtrooms all across the country, people are testing and saying, what does this mean? supreme court said you have an individual right to a gun but there can be limits just as there are with any right. and we as a society also have the right to safety.
9:40 am
we're saying, does that mean you can carry a gun? can you carry a gun in public? you can carry guns into churches or to almost anywhere, so this fight has gone into the courtroom as often happens in american history. and it all goes back to what we all think the constitution means and how we interpret it. >> as you now are taking the academic approach but i knew in previous years when you were a white house speechwriter more bill clinton, you witnessed the signing of the brady bill and other remedies that were since opposed. this becomes national public opinion changes. you've got mike bloomberg with going toe to toe and even besting the nra with the amount of money he's willing to spend but the politics are with the nra. >> there's a great deal of intensity on the part of the nra and people who consider themselves gun rights
9:41 am
supporters, it's always been a political fight. for a long time the nra, even back when the brady bill was being debated was seen as a hunter's organization and it's become kind of a crusade on the second amendment more than anything else. but i don't have any problem with having it thought out in the congress and ballot box. to me that's better than judges trying to interpret the amendment through some kind of theoretical lens. we battled it out for decades and i think that's actually just fine. >> michael waltman, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. and next here on "andrea mitchell reports," the experience of war. film maker, sebastian younger joining me next. creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing.
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the front lines in afghanistan in 2007. the documentary took the view erin side the dalery experience of war. they knew they wanted to come back and tell the emotional side of the story illustrating what war feels like, what it does to the men and women fighting it. this new film is is what war feels like. here's a look. >> your turn! >> i'm on fire! >> you see the guys on edge, when's the next round. >> i think a lot of us miss that adrenalin. >> you do terrible things and then you have to live with them afterwards. >> it messes with your head in every way. >> i'm not doing this for recognition for my country. i'm not doing this so that somebody goes, wow.
9:46 am
except for those guys to my left and right. >> i'm joined by film maker and journalist sebastian younger. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell me, this picks up where it left off in the critical area. tell me about that and we'll talk about tim. >> tim and i shot hundreds of hours of footage in '07 and 08 and made a movie called restrep poe where the intent was to give civilians back home the experience of combat. you walk into the movie theater and for 90 minutes you're on the hilltop with them. it doesn't inquire directly into what that experience does to soldiers and how they think about it and understand it. i wanted to have it be a second piece of this project where i would make a film that would allow soldiers to understand their experience more deeply and
9:47 am
by extension civilians as well. >> tim, of course was your partner and scinematographer an tragically killed in 2012 in libya. the loss is enormous and for you i'm sure it's intense grief. how have you put together now with him obviously looking over your shoulder all the way? >> it was very hard. i mean, he shot some of the footage and he and i shared two cameras. a lot of it is mine and his. every time i would see his footage, i would give a little lurch in the editing room. it was sort of the family was together again and he was a bit of a ghost in that room. but before he died, we talked about how would we continue this project and what could we do that would extend the nation, the nation's experience of war. i mean civilians send soldiers
9:48 am
to combat and they don't necessarily understand what that's like. that's not an anti-war statement on my part. sometimes wars have to be fought but it's very important for the health of the nation for citizens to understand what an experience is. you have 3 million people coming home with that experience in their gut. >> wanted to play another clip from the film. >> as soon as i came across the net and said i have a kia, the intony company the very first day i go out there and tell them to do, i'm the only one in charge and get a son killed, at a loss. what do i do from here? >> this is from the lost deployment, the five guys killed in action. >> these metal bands right here symbolize and memorialize the people that our company lost all the way from oef6 until oef8.
9:49 am
they will always be with me the rest of my life. i carry these as a remembrance of them. >> this is making so real what these soldiers faced over there. and it is only enraging -- further enraging when we talk about this veterans hospital and va hospital disgrace. and you look at their faces and what they were going through. ho how do you reconcile that? >> the va is an enormous bureaucracy and that's not something i know very much about. i'm sad the nation is having trouble helping these guys and women. what i know about it are these 30 men, i know them very well. and i think one of the things journalists, i don't know if i can help the va. one of the things journlgists can do is try to communicate what the experience of combat is
9:50 am
like and what it does. as you see from these clips, soldiers get very excited and amped up in combat, to the point where they really come to need it. there's also a lot of moral damage. there's a lot of fear and pride. it's sort of everything. and they come home with this experience and civilians don't really want to hear about it. it's very complicated for the soldiers. >> indeed. that contributes to a lot of the post-traumatic stress and the suicide levels, all of the things we talk about here with returning veterans groups. thank you so much. the film is opening around the country in new york, l.a., we'll post on the website and on facebook. >> thank you. >> the dates and where you can see it. and good luck with this great tribute to the men and women who fight for us. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and we'll come back with the political story that's going to make headlines in the next 24 hours. that's next right here.
9:51 am
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we're talking politics and baseball, the next 24 hours, the president going to cooperstown, one of my favorite places and how lucky is that. presidents love to associate themselves with baseball, it's the national pastime. >> i remember george w. bush after september 11th and first pitch for the nationals in 2005. i didn't know this. your staff briefed me. president obama, first sitting president to visit cooperstown. george w. bush we know was a giant baseball fan and held tee ball games and owned the rangers. this is all to support the tourism initiatives of the president. he's in cooperstown then raising money in chicago. >> i think we even have presidents really love baseball
9:55 am
and we have that wonderful video, film of fdr at a ballpark walking that rare -- >> there it is. >> that was revealed i think a week ago of fdr actually walking -- and you know, just the fact that presidents also by the way really practice before they throw out that first pitch. >> oh, my gosh. >> ronald reagan did and he was a great athlete. >> we know especially in this day and age, if president obama or the next president of the united states throws a skimmer that bounces on the ground or 50 feet over the backstop, that thing will be on youtube in about two seconds and late night joke. we still play every once in a while the footage of barack obama rolling the ball into the gutter. >> i don't know if it really happened but i think there was even a west wing -- >> of the ball practice thing. >> yeah.
9:56 am
okay, thank you very much, chris cillizza. >> that does it for us for this edition of quts andrea mitchell report. ken fisher and rnc sean spicer and others join us. ronan far row daily is next. working behind the scenes to provide companies with services... like helping hr departments manage benefits and pensions for over 11 million employees. reducing document costs by up to 30%... and processing $421 billion dollars in accounts payables each year. helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. those little cialis tadalafil for daily use how's that for an encore? helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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i know what my money is doing.
9:59 am
i rebalanced my portfolio on my phone. you know what else i can do on my phone? place trades, get free real time quotes and teleport myself to aruba. i wish. chinese president xi says cozying up to russia is an inevitable choice, that is literally what she said. >> vladimir putin found a friend, the russian president inked a $400 billion gas deal with the chinese. >> moscow is under pressure and he went to china and had to negotiate a deal. by jabeijing is saying we know e europeans aren't going to buy but but you have to give it to us at a cheaper price. >> men and women that served our country, we've not just let them down, let them die. >> it is unacceptable if we have
10:00 am
waiting lists for veterans in any facility. >> u.s. is deploying dozens of military personnel to find the kidnapped girls in nigeria. >> the girls have been missing for more than a month with no new leads. >> house democrats say their role in the new benghazi committee as a defense team. >> i think the main role for democrats is to make sure this committee doesn't become a circus. >> chaos is taking hold weeks ahead of the world cup. a shocking scene of a dangerously crowded subway station, raising concern about their ability to accommodate the tens and thousands set to attend the games. does a strong united front for china and russia sound like a good thing to the world for you? start considering that question. the


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